Welcome to the UNIS-UN Website! Our goal as an organization is to provide an educationally and intellectually enriching experience for our peers from around the world while promoting globalism and cross-cultural exchange.

We host an annual conference relating to a contemporary global issue. We invite expert and engaging speakers that are well versed on the topic who present to our audience of 700 high school students from International Schools from 5 continents. For the past 42 years it has been held in the General Assembly Hall at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City.

To the end of promoting global awareness and cross-culturalism, the annual themes are always ones of global importance. Over three hundred students from all over the world are invited to attend in addition to the upper classes at the United Nations International School. This is the fifth year that there will be a half day international celebration featuring international performances and a cultural showcase at UNIS.

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This year’s conference topic will be Ripple Effect: The Water Crisis. Water is central to the wellbeing of people and the planet. The availability of safe water and adequate sanitation is changing worldwide. Without effective management of our water resources, we risk intensifying disputes between communities and increasing tensions among nations. The 2019 UNIS-UN conference will examine the role of water in relation to sustainability and geopolitics. We will investigate how growing demands, climate change, and increasing pollution are affecting water security. In addition, we will consider the political and economic implications of mass migration due to flooding and drought, innovative solutions in cleaning up the ocean, and the consequences of ice melts in the Arctic on trade and travel.


Thursday 7th

8:55 9:00 Security Announcement
9:00 9:10 Welcoming Remarks: Dr. Dan Brenner
UNIS Executive Director
9:10 9:15 Co-Chairs Welcome
Noella Kalasa and Sophia Duff
9:15 9:25 Opening Remarks: Mr. Achim Steiner
Administrator, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
9:25 9:30 Attendance
9:30 10:15 Galila Gray
UNIS Class of 2010, Charity Water
10:15 10:30 Q&A Session
10:30 11:15 Wolfram Schlenker
Columbia University Professor, SIPA Center on Global Energy Policy
11:15 11:30 Q&A Session
11:30 1:20 Lunch
1:20 2:20 Debate 1
Industrialized countries have a greater responsibility for sustainable development
2:20 3:05 Fiona Ward
Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Specialist at UNICEF
3:05 3:20 Q&A Session
3:20 3:30 Closing Remarks

Friday 8th

8:50 8:55 Security Announcement
8:55 9:00 Co-Chairs Welcome
Noella Kalasa and Sophia Duff
9:00 9:45 Andrew Hudson
Head, Water and Oceans Governance Programme, UNDP
9:45 10:00 Q&A Session
10:00 10:45 Seth M. Siegel
Author of "Let There Be Water: Israel's Solution for a Water-Starved World
10:45 11:00 Q&A Session
11:00 11:30 Short Movie
11:30 1:20 Lunch
1:10 2:20 Debate 2
Climate migration will be the biggest threat to world wide political stability
2:20 3:05 Zaria Forman
Climate Change Artist
3:05 3:20 Q&A Session
3:20 3:30 Closing Remarks

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