UNIS UN is headed by two senior co-chairs, Sophia Duff and Tom Mckillop.

The members of the UNIS-UN Organizing Group are divided into six commissions; each one led by two to four heads in the Executive Committee (EXCOMM).

Visiting Schools

Lucie Blau, Jasmijn Teunissen, Niki Corona


Minal Mirza, Natasha Guarda, Max Michael


Sam Blau, Jack Hochman, Anna Bianco


Jacob Blau, Claudia Campi, Maddy Smith


Eren Levine, Carla Dicovskiy, Josie Murmann, Eva Lifsec


Vansh Chhibbar, Antoine Casado

Preparations for the conference begin a year in advance, and include: finding and researching a contemporary global issue; selecting and inviting speakers; inviting several hundred students from national and international schools around the world and arranging for the majority of their accommodations with UNIS families; selecting students to partake in the conference Student Panel and Debate; and compiling a Working Paper of articles on the conference topic written by members of the UNIS-UN Organizing Committee and then edited by the UNIS-UN Editing Commission.