2012 Human Exploitation: Exposing the Unseen


The 36th annual UNIS-UN Conference highlights the unique connection between the United Nations International School (UNIS) and the United Nations. It will be held on March 1 - 2, 2012, in the General Assembly Hall of the United Nations. The title of this year’s conference is “Human Exploitation: Exposing the Unseen.”

This year’s conference aims to explore the hidden world of human exploitation through the various subsets of the topic, including child labor, human trafficking, and the sex trade, often caused by poverty, conflict, and more. The goal of this year’s conference is to view the topic of Human Exploitation through a global perspective.

Over the course of the conference, distinguished guest speakers will address the various aspects of Human Exploitation. Afterwards students will be given the opportunity to interact and engage in dialogues with the speakers in question-answer sessions. There will also be opportunities for students to discuss the conference topic and gain further insights through the Student Panel and Student Debate sessions.

We aim to develop a better understanding of Human Exploitation and its implication in our global society and in culture, and expose its many facets whilst encouraging participants to objectively develop their own opinions. Our ultimate goal is to raise awareness to the participants on Human Exploitation, a topic sometimes obscured from the media and news spotlight.

Working Paper 2012