FAQs Table of Contents

Welcoming dinner

Where and when is the dinner?

The welcoming dinner is from 6-8pm on the day before the conference in the UNIS Cafeteria.

Who attends?

It is required for all international visiting students to attend as important announcements are made.

Only UNIS hosting students attend the welcoming dinner.

Where do advisors go during the welcoming dinner?

An advisors cocktail is held in the UNIS Library during the welcoming dinner.

It is a time for advisors to ask questions and receive security and logistical information about the conference.

I’m a UNIS student. How can I volunteer during UNIS-UN?

You can fill this volunteer form to sign up

UN Confernece

What if I see a student misbehaving? ☹️

If the UNIS student does not respond to requests for silence/respect, please let an usher know.

How are advisors meant to take attendance at the UN?

UNIS-UN ushers will go around with their computers to take down the names of missing students.

What time are the students expected at the UN?

Students are expected to arrive between 7:45 and 8:30 am. All should be in the General Assembly by 8:45.

Who are the speakers this year?

When our speakers and schedule are finalized we will post them on this page. Keep checking up!

What is appropriate attire for my child during the conference?

Please refer to the rules section of the website.

Hosting Families

When do we expect to receive the name and information about our students?

Visiting Schools Commission matches visiting students with UNIS families around mid February so except information to come out around that time.

My child is in T1 (14 or 15), how can we host a 17 or 18 year old?

Although it may seem like a bad match to have a younger UNIS student matched with an older visiting student, we assure you that it will not be an issue. We have seen many cases in which this has not been a problem. If there is a problem once the student arrives, feel free to contact the Visiting Schools commission and we will do our best to help make accomodations.

What am I meant to do while my host student is here?

Typically most Visiting Schools have their own agendas therefore you most likely will not have to take them sightseeing or around NYC. However, if an advisor has not planned anything you may feel free to do so. The primary purpose of hosting is to provide a sleeping arrangement as well as breakfast and dinner for a visiting student as well as a sort of immersion into the UNIS lifestyle. This does not have to include sightseeing. Simply keep in mind that not only are Visiting Schools here for our conference but they are also here to enjoy NYC and may want to visit.

When does my host student leave? Must we bring them to the airport?

We only provide hosting up until the Saturday morning after the conference. You should not feel obliged to bring a student to the airport (we generally try to discourage this from happening). An advisor may set up a meeting place and time somewhere in NYC and this is where you will leave them.

Can I reach out to my host child before the conference?

Yes, you may contact a student via social media however, we can’t disclose visiting student email or phone number. If you would like to contact your student before you must do it yourself.

Day of Cultural Exchange

What does my host student do on Wednesday? What does my child do Wednesday?

This day will feature:

  • A Cultural Showcase, to be held from 2:00 to 3:30 p.m. (* We encourage you to perform something unique to your country, culture or school. You do not have to perform in English. *)
  • Two workshop sessions, from 3:45 to 5:45. (If you would like to share interesting facts on your culture and relate these facts to this years topic, we encourage you to submit a Workshop Plan and host a one-hour interactive workshop instead of making a five minute presentation on stage during the cultural showcase.

Are there any other events throughout the week?

Yes, there is the UNIS-UN dance from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. on Friday night.

Is it required to host a workshop?

It is not required to host a workshop, however, workshop attendance is mandatory.

How do I sign up to host a workshop?

Follow this Workshop Plan to plan your workshop.

How do I choose a topic for my workshop?

Workshops may be on any subject related to the conference topic. Interactive workshops and activities are encouraged.

Cultural Showcase

When is the cultural showcase?

The Cultural Showcase takes place on the Day of Cultural Exchange

When will we receive information about the cultural showcase ?

Information about the Cultural Showcase is sent around early February. Submissions are due by Wednesday, February 13th. You will be notified whether your act was selected before Friday, February 22nd.

Where can we sign up for the Cultural Showcase?

Sign up for the cultural showcase here

Is it required to perform in the showcase?

It is not required to perform in the cultural showcase, but we highly encourage you to do so!

What are some guidelines for our performance?

Please refer to the Day of Cultural Exchange page