Lunch Options

Find more information and a sign up sheet for this year's lunch options here

Behavior Code

The following rules are to be observed without change or exception by all students.

  1. Students are not to bring food, drinks, candy, gum, etc. into the General Assembly Hall at any time during the conference.
  2. Students are not to touch, tamper with, or remove any microphone, earplugs, country plates, or materials that have not been distributed by UNIS. Do not touch any United Nations equipment.
  3. Students are representing their schools and the UNIS community. Please act accordingly. Behave with courtesy and self-control. Do not leave your valuables unattended.
  4. Clean up after yourselves. Do not leave papers, booklets, or any other materials at the country desks. Students will be kept back at the end of the conference if this rule is not complied with.
  5. Remember that there will be many dignitaries present at the conference on both days, so be respectful and thoughtful of all personnel and staff. Always be polite.
  6. Cellular phones are NOT permitted in the General Assembly Hall.
  7. Do not bring laptops to the Conference.
  8. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the United Nations building. Any student found smoking anywhere in the building or on United Nations grounds will face serious consequences.
  9. Students are to return to the General Assembly Hall after lunch, at the specified time.
  10. Students must sit in their assigned seat, and follow all instructions given by ushers and advisors.
  11. Any students who are found to be acting in violation of these guidelines may be removed from the conference, and will face disciplinary consequences.

Dress Code

Every year, students from around the world meet for two days in the General Assembly of the United Nations to participate in the UNIS/UN conference. The Student Organization Committee feels that the attire worn by each individual should reflect the level of integrity, which is synonymous with the conference.

Please do not wear any of the following on either day of the UNIS/UN Conference:

  • Jeans, Sneakers, Hats, Keds, moccasins or rain boots
  • Baggy or ripped clothing
  • Sweatpants or athletic attire
  • Tight, revealing clothing or see-through clothing
  • Very high heels are not recommended
  • Low cut back dresses

Students should wear suits, knee-length skirts or dresses, or dress pants, accompanied by a jacket, dress shoes, and a collared shirt with tie if applicable. All students must have their shoulders and legs covered. Opaque leggings are only acceptable when wearing a loose dress shirt. Tights should be opaque not sheer.

It is also suggested that students carry only small bags, NO large bags will be permitted, as it will make security a lengthy procedure. Do not bring backpacks.